Running Well completes it's next two water boreholes

We have recently completed building our next two water boreholes in Itanda, which are now helping approximately 5,000 people have access to clean water.

Please watch our short video to see why communities like these need our help.

There are thousands more people living in poverty in the area of Uganda where we are working who are in urgent need of clean water. Please help us if you can.


January 6, 2022

We are in urgent need of funds to be able to build our next two wells that will provide clean water for four schools, which have approximately 4,000 students.

The schools currently have no adequate access to clean water, resulting in the students either missing lessons to walk long distances to collect their clean water or drinking the dirty swamp water and being at risk to life threatening diseases.  Please help if you can.


MAR 2024

Running Well completes its 23rd water borehole


MAY 2023

Running Well’s trustees visit Uganda to see some of the charity’s projects


APR 2024

The Association of Property Lenders’ Annual Fundraising Dinner raises £19,600 for Running Well