Running Well completes its 23rd water borehole


May 3, 2024

Despite the challenges faced over the last few years due to the pandemic and the global political and economic instability, we have managed to continue to build new wells for the rural communities whom we are trying to help get clean water, thanks to the continued generous support of our donors and the huge efforts of our project team on the ground.

We have now completed our 23rd water borehole in Buwaida village. Buwaida is a rural community of approximately 1,300 people.  The water borehole has been built next to the local school, which has 450 students and 50 teaching staff.  The previous water source for the students and wider community was a shallow dug well that regularly dried up due to the number of users. There had been many cases of water borne diseases in the community, including typhoid, dysentery and E.coli due to the surface water being contaminated.  This laid a big burden on the already poor families because of the frequent visits they were having to make to the health centre and the medical bills they were having to cover, as well as the students missing school lessons due to illness.


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